How does SUA calculate GPA?


Letter grades shall be assigned points based on equations, which take into account the candidate’s raw marks in calculating the Grade Point (GP) for individual subjects.

For all degree and non-degree programmes, the grading system shall be as follows:

Grade Score Range
70 – 100%
B+  65 – 69.9%
60 – 64.9%
50 – 59.9%
40 – 49.9%
E 0 – 39.9%

In calculating the GPA, credits for all core courses shall be used as well as the credits from electives making the minimum required for the degree programme. However, where a candidate takes electives over and above the minimum required, credits from electives with highest scores adding to minimum degree requirement shall be used in calculating the GPA. The scores for the remaining electives shall be entered into the transcript.

The Grade Point Average (GPA) shall be calculated on the basis of weight (credits) of the courses taken, as shown below;

Letter Grade Score range GPA Equation GPA range
70 – 100 Y = 0.02X+3 4.4 – 5.0
  B+  65 – 69.9 Y = 0.08X-1.2 4.0 – 4.39
60 – 64.9 Y = 0.2X-9 3.0 – 3.99
50 – 59.9 Y = 0.1X-3 2.0 – 2.99
D 40 – 49.9 Y = 0.1X-3 1.0 – 1.99
   E    0 – 39.9 Y = 0.025X 0.0 – 0.99

Where Y = Grade point; X = Raw marks

In calculating the final GPA the following will be used:

(1) Raw scores;

(2) Credit value for each course used in the computation;

(3) Minimum credits for the program.

All core courses will be used in the computation of the final GPA. The program minimum credit shortfall from the core courses shall be covered by credits from elective courses with best scores.

Semester GPA will use all courses taken by a student in the respective Semester.


With exception of BVM, the final degree classification shall be as follows:-

Class  Grade  GPA Range
                        First Class                               A  4.4 – 5.0
                        Upper Second                               B+  3.5 – 4.39
                        Lower Second                               B  2.7 – 3.49
                        Pass                               C  2.0 – 2.69

The Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (BVM) degree shall be awarded following a successful completion of the degree programme and this degree shall not be classified.