Where can I find out about the cost of study at SUA?

Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) is committed to transparency in providing comprehensive information about the cost of study. The fee structure is a crucial guide for both current and prospective students, outlining the various elements that contribute to the overall expenses associated with academic pursuits.

Understanding the Fee Structure:

  1. University Fees for Undergraduate Studies:

    • Revised “Other Fees” for Undergraduate Degree and Non-Degree Programs at SUA.
    • Tuition Fees for Degree Programs at SUA.
    • Tuition Fees for Non-Degree Programs Directly Payable to SUA.
  2. Estimated Costs Directly Payable to Students:

    • Indicative Cost of Living and Other Allowances.
    • Special Faculty Requirement Allowances and Special Project Funds.
    • Stipend and Other Allowances for Certificate and Diploma Programs Directly Payable to Students.

Exploring Further Details:

For a more in-depth understanding of each category and specific costs, refer to the detailed Fee Structure document available below:


This document provides a breakdown of fees and additional expenses, offering clarity on the financial aspects of pursuing education at SUA.

For any additional inquiries or clarifications, feel free to contact the SUA administration through the provided contact details on the official website.