Welcome to Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA). This is one of the reputable universities in Tanzania. SUA also strives to measure up to regional and international academic standards. With this spirit, SUA expects you to complement to our efforts to maintain those standards while also setting your own goals. Our duty is to help you achieve your objectives in the shortest possible time without any upsets.

In the last few years we have drawn plans to improve our service to students. We have made this our commitment and are working hard to get our staff to work in harmony to achieve this goal.

While striving to improve service provision we also have some expectations from you. Make a commitment to understand your environment in its widest sense. In this way you will do the right things the right way and make our work to serve you easier. In particular, read and understand regulations. These are available in various sources and forms, including the website. Organise your private activities and take studying seriously to avoid drawing obstacles into your academic path.

SUA is also increasingly becoming multicultural. Get ready to interact with colleagues and learn useful lessons from the available diversity. If you have some observations and wish to convey them to us for improving service provision please let any of the heads units know. You also have representatives to various fora. Use those representatives and student organisations to influence policy where necessary.

We wish you a comfortable stay at Sokoine University of Agriculture.