About the Directorate of Undergraduate Studies

Welcome to the Directorate of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) at Sokoine University of Agriculture, where academic aspirations come to life. As you journey towards a certificate, diploma, or bachelor’s degree, DUS stands as your reliable companion, ensuring a seamless transition into our esteemed programs.

Our Admissions and Registration Office streamlines the process, while the Students Registry preserves your essential files, freeing you to focus on your academic growth. Navigating the intricacies of academia is made easier by our Academic Information Management Support (AIMS) Unit, resolving technical queries to enhance your learning experience.

DUS goes beyond – the Classroom Service Unit (CSU) nurtures your learning environment, providing well-equipped spaces for growth. Our Timetabling experts ensure an efficient schedule for classes, tests, and exams, allowing you to thrive in your studies. And when it’s time to commemorate your journey, we provide transcripts that reflect your accomplishments.

Embark on a journey that spans certificates, diplomas, and bachelor’s degrees with DUS as your guide. We are dedicated to empowering your educational journey, ensuring every step is purposeful and fulfilling. Join us in shaping your future at Sokoine University of Agriculture.