Classroom Services Unit (CSU)

Dr. Linus Kisoma 

CSU Coordinator


Classroom Services Unit (CSU) was established to take responsibility of all teaching venues initially beginning with rooms dedicated for delivery of lectures.



The main functions of the CSU:-

  1. To improve teaching facilities across the University and enhancing teaching and learning.
  2. To ensure that equipment’s in teaching venues are in good working order, including functioning electricity outlet points, lights, public address systems and other material deemed essential for a conducive teaching and learning environment.
  3. To monitor classroom conditions related to electrical, masonry, plumbing, carpentry, civil works and aspects related to local area network (LAN) and report all needed repairs/replacements/installations to the appropriate entities especially E&W department and CICT
  4. To take inventory of all fittings and fixtures in the Classrooms.
  5. Custodian of Classroom fittings and fixtures.


Roles of Classroom Service Coordinator
The Classroom Service Coordinator shall be a liaison person between the Office of the Directorate of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) and the classroom users (students and instructors/facilitators) with the following roles:-

  1. The CSU Coordinator shall monitor teaching venues to ensure learning environment is conducive.
  2. Maintain an inventory of classrooms, equipment and software
  3. Conduct quarterly reviews to determine quality of services and equipment.
  4. Prepare and update clear instructions for use of teaching equipment.
  5. Coordinate functions of CSU, E&W, CICT and Auxiliary Police
  6. Oversee the performance of Ground Staff
  7. Prepare reports on quality service indicators and submit to DUS.


Role of Ground Staff
A ground staff is basically a person who facilitates teaching and learning by ensuring that assigned teaching venues and facilities in good order at all times. The roles of a ground staff are as follows:-

  1. To ensure that all essential teaching facilities such as LCD projectors, public address system and others are available during teaching hours.
  2. Assist teaching staff with installation and use of such equipment where need be.
  3. Conduct daily inspection of LCD projectors and all related fixtures to ensure equipment is in safe keeping, working order, including electricity
  4. Conduct weekly and/or monthly inspection of other classroom maintenance items as identified by CSU Coordinators.
  5. Report any malfunctioning equipment or repair needs to the CSU Coordinator immediately.
  6. Be on-call during regular operating hours to assist instructors in trouble shooting projector and technology issues.
  7. Prepare weekly report on requests for service and present to CSU Coordinator.
  8. Store stock of all the procured goods and services.