List of Programme by Subject Area

Start your academic journey at Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), where diverse programs are categorized into subject areas. Whether your interest lies in Agriculture, Social Sciences, Biological Sciences, Natural and Applied Sciences, Forestry, wildlife and tourism, Economics and business studies, or Engineering and technology, SUA provides a comprehensive range of academic opportunities as seen below:


  • BSc. Applied Agricultural Extension
  • BSc. Agriculture General
  • BSc. Agronomy
  • BSc. Animal Science
  • BSc. Aquaculture
  • Bachelor of Community Development
  • BSc. Family and Consumer Studies
  • BSc. Human Nutrition
  • Bachelor of Crop Production and Management
  • BSc. Horticulture
  • BSc. Range Management
  • Diploma in Crop Production and Management
  • Diploma in Seed Technology


Biological Sciences:

  • BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine
  • Diploma in Tropical Animal Health and Production
  • Diploma in Laboratory Technology


Engineering and Technology:

  • BSc. Agricultural Engineering
  • BSc. Food Science and Technology
  • BSc. Bioprocess and Postharvest Engineering
  • BSc. Irrigation and Water Resources Engineering


Forestry, Wildlife, and Tourism:

  • Bachelor of Tourism Management
  • BSc. Forestry
  • BSc. Wildlife Management
  • BSc. Wood Technologies and Value Addition
  • Certificate in Tour Guiding and Hunting Operations
  • BSc. in Bee Resources Management


Economics and Business Studies:

  • BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
  • Bachelor of Agricultural Investment and Banking


Natural and Applied Sciences:

  • BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
  • BSc. with Education (Agricultural Science and Biology)
  • BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
  • BSc. with Education (Chemistry & Mathematics)
  • BSc. with Education (Geography and Biology)
  • BSc. with Education (Geography & Mathematics)
  • BSc. with Education (Information Technology and Mathematics)
  • Bachelor of Information and Records Management
  • BSc. Information Technology
  • Diploma in Information Technology
  • Certificate In Information Technology


Social Sciences:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Development Planning and Management
  • Bachelor of Rural Development


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