Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements at Sokoine University of Agriculture

As the academic year progresses, students at Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) eagerly anticipate their graduation day, a significant milestone marking the culmination of their hard work and dedication. SUA conducts two graduation ceremonies annually: a mid-year ceremony in May and an end-of-year ceremony in November. To ensure participation in these ceremonies, graduands must adhere to several important requirements:

  • Checking the Graduands List

One crucial step for prospective graduates is to verify their inclusion in the official graduands list. This list, typically released by the academic registrar’s office, serves as confirmation of eligibility for graduation. Students are advised to carefully review the list to ensure their names are accurately reflected, as any discrepancies must be addressed promptly to avoid any last-minute complications.


  • Collection of Graduation Gowns

On the designated date preceding the graduation ceremony, graduands are required to collect their graduation gowns from the Classroom Service Unit (CSU). These regal garments symbolize the academic achievement and signify the transition from student to graduate. It is imperative that graduands adhere to the specified timeline for gown collection to facilitate smooth proceedings on the day of the ceremony.


  • Attendance at Graduation Rehearsal

In preparation for the grand event, graduands must attend the mandatory graduation rehearsal. This rehearsal provides an opportunity for participants to familiarize themselves with the procession order, seating arrangements, and other logistical details essential for the smooth execution of the ceremony. Attendance at the rehearsal is essential to ensure that graduands are well-prepared and confident on the big day.

NB: Payment for Graduation: For final year students, the payment for graduation is typically included as part of their other fees bill. It is imperative for graduating students to settle any outstanding financial obligations to the university to avoid any hindrances to their participation in the graduation ceremony. Clearing fees in a timely manner ensures a hassle-free experience and allows graduands to fully immerse themselves in the celebratory atmosphere.


Additional Important Details:

  • Graduation Ceremony Dates: The exact dates for the graduation ceremonies are communicated via the official SUA website. The mid-year ceremony is usually conducted in May, while the end-of-year ceremony is typically held in November.
  • Invitations: Graduands are encouraged to invite family and friends to share in their achievement. Information regarding special guest invitation and seating arrangements will be provided by the university authorities.
  • Dress Code: Graduands should wear their academic attire with dignity throughout the ceremony. Adhering to the prescribed dress code maintains the solemnity of the event.
  • Special Arrangements: Graduands’ seats will be arranged according to their degree programs, as detailed during the graduation rehearsal. However, graduands with disabilities or unique requirements should communicate their needs to the Dean of Students in advance to ensure full participation in the ceremony.

In conclusion, the graduation ceremony at Sokoine University of Agriculture is a moment of immense pride and accomplishment for both students and department/college alike. By fulfilling the requisite graduation requirements and adhering to the prescribed guidelines, graduands can look forward to a memorable and gratifying experience as they embark on the next chapter of their academic and professional journey.

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