What can I study?

The Directorate of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) at Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) presents a diverse range of academic programs, offering a total of 42 options for prospective students. Among these, there are 35 Bachelor’s Degree programs, covering a broad spectrum of disciplines, including Natural Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Social Sciences, Humanities, Veterinary Medicine, and Health Sciences. Additionally, the university provides 5 Diploma programs and 2 Certificate programs, further catering to various educational interests.

These programs are meticulously designed to meet the demands of contemporary society and anticipated future needs. Whether you are interested in Agriculture, Development Planning, Information Technology, or Wildlife Management, SUA offers a comprehensive array of educational opportunities. Each program is crafted to deliver a high-quality learning experience, providing students with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in their chosen fields.

For more detailed information about each program, click on the program of your choice to explore its specific details. SUA remains committed to fostering academic excellence and empowering students to contribute meaningfully to their respective fields and communities. Join us on an educational journey that aligns with your passion and aspirations.

    • Bachelor’s degree:
      1. Bachelor of Arts in Development Planning and Management

      2. Bachelor of Agricultural Investment and Banking

      3. Bachelor of Community Development

      4. Bachelor of Crop Production and Management

      5. Bachelor of Information and Records Management

      6. Bachelor of Rural Development

      7. Bachelor of Tourism Management

      8. Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine

      9. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness

      10. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering

      11. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture General

      12. Bachelor of Science in Agronomy

      13. Bachelor of Science in Animal Science

      14. Bachelor of Science in Applied Agricultural Extension

      15. Bachelor of Science in Aquaculture

      16. Bachelor of Science in Bioprocess and Postharvest Engineering

      17. Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology and Laboratory Science

      18. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences and Management

      19. Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Studies

      20. Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Technology

      21. Bachelor of Science in Forestry

      22. Bachelor of Science in Horticulture

      23. Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition

      24. Bachelor of Science in in Bee Resources Management

      25. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

      26. Bachelor of Science in Irrigation and Water Resources Engineering

      27. Bachelor of Science in Range Management

      28. Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management

      29. Bachelor of Science with Education (Agricultural Science and Biology)

      30. Bachelor of Science with Education (Chemistry & Mathematics)

      31. Bachelor of Science with Education (Chemistry and Biology)

      32. Bachelor of Science with Education (Geography & Mathematics)

      33. Bachelor of Science with Education (Geography and Biology)

      34. Bachelor of Science with Education (Information Technology and Mathematics)

      35. Bachelor of Science in Wood Technologies and Value Addition


    • Diploma programs
      1. Diploma in Crop Production and Management
      2. Diploma in Information Technology
      3. Diploma in Laboratory Technology
      4. Diploma in Seed Technology
      5. Diploma in Tropical Animal Health and Production
    • Certificate programs
      1. Certificate in Tour Guiding and Hunting Operations

      2. Certificate In Information Technology