How to pay SUA Tuition Fees

To pay SUA tuition fees, follow these steps:

  1. Access the “Check Control #s/Payment” menu in SUASIS.
  2. Look for the Undergraduate Tuition Fee item for the current academic year with an INV (invoice) payment type in the payment history table.
  3. Find the control number, invoicing date, and the amount due.
  4. Use the control number to make payment through mobile agents (Tigopesa, M-Pesa, Airtel Money, etc.) or Bank agents (CRDB Wakala, NMB Wakala, NBC Wakala, etc.).
  5. Once payment is completed, the amount paid will be reflected in the paid column with a payment type of REC (RECEIVED) in the payment history table.

For assistance with control numbers, payments, and other financial matters, students should visit the student accountant at office 22 on the ground floor of the administration block or consult the ICT personnel at office 16 on the same floor.